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Precision Tile Installations Bathroom Tiles

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Precision Tile Installations Bathroom Tiles

If you're looking for a bathroom remodeling company who specializes in the purchasing, installation, and repair of bathroom tiles, look no further than Precision Tile Installations. Some contractors might overlook a home's bathroom, but not us. Call us at (516) 672-6428 today to request our services.


Bathroom Tiles: The Best Bang for Your Buck

When you're designing your home's bathroom, you'll almost always go with floor tiles. Any other surface just can't handle all the moisture that your bathroom's bound to create. Tiles aren't just moisture-resistant and easy to clean, though, they're also incredibly attractive!

But as you might have guessed, those tiles can't just be installed by an ambitious amateur. In order to get the most out of your tiles, you're going to need the help of some first-rate bathroom remodelers.

That's where the team at Precision Tile Installations comes in. For years we've helped homeowners bring out the most in their bathroom. Let us bring out the best in yours! Call us today to learn more.

We Are the Tile Installers with the Best Tile Services and the Best Tile Selections

We are your full-service tile team. That means we'll not only install your bathroom tiles, but we'll also remove your existing bathroom flooring if needed.

We'll also save you time by providing you with a catalog of tile options most suited to your agreed-upon budget. You won't have to waste hours wandering through department stores or browsing the Internet. Instead, we'll bring all the best options for you!

The Creative Tile Contractors: We Have an Eye for Bathroom Design

Making sure your project stays on-budget is one of our top priorities. Another priority is making sure your tiles complement your bathroom's existing décor.

We want our tiles to enhance your bathroom's beauty, not diminish it. We believe that home improvements should be well-performed, aesthetically pleasing, and long-lasting. Anything less is second-rate.

Save Big with Our Bathroom Renovations

When you work with us, you save money at every single turn. From the quality of our installations to the budget-friendly tile selections, and the extended warranties, you are sure to save more money with us than you could have ever imagined.

Don't Just Focus on the Floor: Bathroom Remodeling and Ceramic Wall Tiles

One of our specialties is ceramic wall tiles. Not only do they look incredible, but they also make your bathroom look cleaner—and most importantly, they're incredibly moisture-resistant! You won't have to worry about your wallpaper peeling or water getting into the wood of your walls.

This low-maintenance choice might be a challenge for some to install, but not us.

Learn the Secrets of Proper Tile Maintenance by Working with Us

When it comes to tile care, we know all the trade secrets. But don't worry, we are more than willing to share with you!

Call the Bathroom Remodeling Experts at Precision Tile Installations Today!

Ready to work with a reliable and considerate tile repair team? Are you starting to feel like it is time to upgrade to ceramic floor tiles? Call us at (516) 672-6428 today!